Portable Foam Equipment

Portable Foam Equipment includes Inline Inductors, Foam generator, Jet spray type, Foam branches, stainless steel, Aluminium, Self-Inducting, Mobile foam trolley units.

LX Foam Branches

Construction : Aluminium and SS 304 versions available. 2.5” Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet.

SE Low Expansion Jet / Spray type foam branches fire fighting equipments give the operator the option of projecting foam in the form of a jet (to tackle fires from a distance) or spray (for quick coverage of spills, etc).

It is ideal for use with AFFF in aircraft crash situations and areas where flammable liquid spill occurrences are more likely. They are available with nominal foam solution capacity of 450 lpm (FB 10X JS) at 7 bars pressure.

Construction: Aluminium & SS 304 versions available. 2.5” Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet

Fire Fighting Branches

MX Foam Branches

SE Medium Expansion Foam Branches produce stable, superior quality medium expansion foam which is suitable for quick coverage of spills, tackling spill fires, fires in tank dikes, drains, etc. as a fire fighting equipment. They are suitable for use with standard AFFF, FFFP and high expansion foam compounds. Available with nominal foam solution capacity of 225 (MX 225) and 450 lpm (MX 450), the SE MX Branches are matched to SE Inline Inductors of abovementioned capacities.

Construction:  SS 304 shell with G.M. nozzle. 2.5” Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet.

MX Foam Branches
MX Foam Pourers
MX Foam Pourers

SE Medium Expansion Foam pourers 'pour' the foam onto the risk area. These fire fighting accessories are ideal for tackling large flammable liquid spills, and fires in tank dikes. They can be used with AFFF, FFFP and high expansion foam compounds. MX Foam Pourers are available with nominal foam solution capacity of 600 (MXP 600), 1100 (MXP 1100) and 1600 lpm (MXP 1600). The 600 lpm version (MXP 600) can be easily carried on Foam Tenders as a part of the standard equipment. It can be operated directly from the Tender SE Inline Inductors corresponding to the above pourers available.

Construction: SS 304 body, shell and supports, with G.M. nozzles. 2.5" Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet (4" Inlet for MXP1600).

HX Foam Generators

The SE Portable High Expansion Foam Generator (SE HX MINI Super) is a first aid HX Foam Generator, meant to be carried Fire Tenders, and is useful for applications such as flooding of basements, cable ducts, cargo holds, and other marine and mining applications. When operated at optimum pressure, the SE HX MINI Super typically generates HX foam of expansion between 1:250 to 1: 350, using standard High Expansion Foam compound. It can be normally operated using the SE 225 lpm capacity Inline Inductor. It can also be used for smoke extraction using reinforced ducting. When being used for smoke extraction, the Inline Inductor and foam making flexible net should not be used.

Construction : SS 304 body, shell, pelton wheel, Aluminium/ SS304 fan blades. G.M. nozzles, 2.5" Instantaneous SS 304/ G.M. Male Inlet.

HX Foam Generators

Inline Inductor

SE Inline Inductors provide means for accurate induction of Foam compound into the Water stream for operation of Foam branches and equipment. These Inductors are coordinated with the SE Foam equipment. Available in Aluminium and G.M. options. The SE Fire Fighting Inline Inductor is designed for 3% or 6% induction. The inductors are available with nominal foam solution capacity of 225 and 450 lpm, as well as can be tailor-made to suit the client requirements. Variable options are also available for these Inline Inductors.

inline inductor fire fighting

Construction: Aluminium Body; supports (G.M. for G.M. version), 2.5" Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet and Female Outlet. 1 metre long PVC braided Pick-up tube & SS 304 Dip Pipe.

* - pressure at outlet of Inline Inductor Weight of Gunmetal version - 8.5 kgs.

LX Mechanical Foam Generators

SE LX Mechanical Foam Generators (MFGs) give excellent quality low expansion foam, and are used as portable equipment, mounted on Fire fighting Vehicles, or in fixed foam systems. MFGs induct the required amount of foam compound and air into the foam solution stream to give stable LX foam. SE MFGs are available with nominal foam solution capacity of 225 (MFG 5) and 450 lpm (MFG 10) It is recommended to operate the MFGs at a minimum pressure of 7 bars and a maximum of 12 bars.

LX Mechanical Foam Generators

Construction: Aluminium Barrel, G.M. inductor assembly, 2.5" Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet, G.M. Female Outlet.

SE MFGs supplied with 1 Mtr. long PVC braided Pick-up tube and SS 304 Dip Pipe.