Class D Fire Extinguisher

Class D Fire Extinguishers are the special powder extinguishers are designed specifically to fight combustible metal fires (Class D) involving sodium, lithium, manganese and aluminium when in the form of swarf or powder.

The extinguishers are equipped with a special and very low velocity applicator to ensure that the fire fighting powder is applied efficiently and effectively to the burning metal and prevent burning swarf from spreading.

Where to use class D type fire extinguisher?

Class D Type Fire Extingusher is useful for the metal industries, refineries and other metal fire hazards, etc.

  • Effective for Class D Fires.
  • Stored pressure and cartridge type design available.
  • Deep drawn steel cylinders.
  • Stainless steel body option available.
  • Durable high glossy polyester powder coating.
  • Pyro and TEC based powder options available.
  • Conforms to IS standards.

TEC Fire Extinguisher

TEC Type Fire Extinguisher is specially formulated powder agent based on a mixture of 3 metal chlorides-Sodium, Potassium and Barium. Conforming to world class manufacturing quality standards, it is ideal for fighting light metal fires in the range of 500-2000 degrees Celsius. It can also be used in an effective fight against small oil fires.

PYRO Based Powder

The PYRO powder melts and fuses at ~1200 Degrees Celsius, making it extremely efficient against Alkali metal fires, as well as metal fires such as Plutonium, Titanium, Lead, Copper, Tungsten, Cobalt and Manganese.