Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher

Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher (AFFF or AR-AFFF) has the ability to from an aqueous film, which quickly forms over water insoluble hydrocarbon fuel surfaces causing rapid fire extinguishment and vapour suppression for Class B fires. It also provides excellent penetrating and wetting qualities when used on class A fires.

Use Of Foam Fire Extinguisher

Foam Based Fire Extinguisher can be used on class A and B Fires. They are most suitable to extinguishing flammable liquids containing materials such as petrol, diesel, solvents and fats like grease and oils.

Mechanical foam type fire extinguishers are useful for paints, lubricants, chemical industry, oil fire/refinery, kitchen/restaurant, boiler room, etc.

Mechanical Foam Type Features

  • Effective for class A and B fires.
  • Deep drawn steel cylinders.
  • Brass forging valve chrome plated heavy duty.
  • Durable high glossy polyester powder coating.
  • Helium leak tested * (only in stored pressure FE, on prior request).
  • BIS / IRS (Cartridge type only) approved and CE certified.
  • Stainless steel body options available.
  • Colour: Cream label.

AFFF Fire Extinguisher Specification

Type Stored Pressure Cartridge Operated
Capacity (kg) 6 9 6 9
Diameter (mm) 150 175 150 175
Height (mm) 550 605 500 630
Empty Weight (kg) 3.5 4.7 5.1 7.6
Filled Weight (kg) 9.5 13.7 11.1 16.6
Operating Temperature -5°C to +55°C -5°C to +55°C -5°C to +55°C -5°C to +55°C
Working pressure 15 bar 15 bar 15 bar 15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure 1.8 MPa 1.8 MPa 2.1 MPa 2.1 MPa
Test Pressure 35 bar 35 bar 35 bar 35 bar
Average Discharge Time 20 25 20 25
Discharge Range <4 <4 <4 <4
Fire Rating 2A,34B 3A,55B 2A.21B 3A,34B
Type Cartridge Operated
Capacity (kg) 45
Diameter (mm) 300
Thickness (mm) 3.15
Hydraulic test pressure (Bar) 30
Jet Range (m) 10
Min. Period for which jet to be maintained (Sec) 60
Max. period to discharge (sec) 180
Min. discharge quantity (%) 95
Height (mm) 1200
Empty weight (Kg) 37.8
Filled weight (Kg) 85
Working temperature +5°C to +55°C