Fire Fighting Accessories

Supremex Manufacturers different fire fighting accessories for Fire brigades. Manufactured to meet relevant the national and international standards and performance requirements. We provide a wide range of fire hook, fireman axe, Fire Beater, Fire Bucket, Hose washing and Hose binding machine, etc. Available at best Price in India.

Nozzle Spanner

Fire Fighting Nozzle use with different nozzles as per IS:903.

Item Description: 63mm Nozzle Spanner as per IS:903.

Material of Construction: M.S. hardened zinc coated.

Fire Nozzle Spanner

Suction Wrench

Made as per IS:4643, for use with Suction couplings.

Item Description: M.S. Suction Wrench for Suction Couplings.

Material of Construction: M.S. rod, zinc coated.

Sizes: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 140mm.

Suction Wrench

Fire Hook

Fire Hook

We manufacture different fire fighting equipment for use of Fire brigades. Made as per Indian Standard (IS:927), the Fire Hook is used for tearing down temporary structures, pulling, piercing and similar operations during firefighting.

Fireman Axe

Fireman Axe

Fireman Axe is a made from forged steel, the axe has a rubber insulated handle, tested to 20,000 volts. Available with a leather pouch on request.

Fire Water Ejector

Water Ejector

Fire Water Ejector is a simple jet pump, for pumping out water, slurry, etc. Uses the venturi principle for operation, the ejector can be operated using water supply above 5 Kg/cm 2 pressure from a hydrant point. Safe for use in flammable atmosphere as works on water pressure only.

Material of Construction: Aluminium alloy body, Aluminium/ G.M nozzle.

Item Description: Water Ejector having 100mm MRT & 63mm Male Inst. inlet with 100mm MRT outlet made of aluminium Alloy with Handle.

Connections: 63 mm Instantaneous Male Inlet, 4 ” RT Male Suction, 4” RT Male Discharge capacity: approx. 400 GPM at 5 kg/cm2 inlet pressure.

Hose Ramp

Hose Ramp

Hose ramps are used for unhindered passage of vehicles without affecting the hoses, and hence the firefighting operations. Made from reinforced rubber, the ramp can withstand loads of up to 20,000 kg, and are provided with interlocks to position two ramps in parallel allowing the passage of multi tiered vehicles.

Item Description: Hose Ramp made of Solid Rubber of 860mm x 300mm x 85mm size with inter locking arrangement for making set of 2 nos.

Material of Construction: Reinforced Rubber. Size: 860mm x 300 mm x 85 mm

Fire Hose Washing Machine

Hose Washing Machine

Fire Hose Washing Machine is a simple device for washing firefighting hoses externally. Works on Hydrant line pressure only.

Item Description: Hose Washing Machine with G.M. 63mm Male Inst. Inlet & Body of aluminium Alloy.

Material of Construction: Aluminium alloy body, G.M. 63 mm instantaneous male inlet.

Hose Binding Machine

Hose Binding Machine

Fire Hose Binding machines provide simple means to bind Firefighting hoses to Couplings, using Cu./ G.I. wire. It can be easily operated by a couple of personnel, with minimal training.

Material of Construction: M.S. and D.I. graded material as per IS:3744.

Item Description: Manual Hose Binding Machine for binding of hoses with Coupling with 38mm / 50mm / 63mm Inst. Adaptors as per IS:3744.

Accessories: Male/ Female adaptors for binding of different sizes, available on request.

Fire Bell

Fire Bell

Fire Bell are manufactured to meet relevant national and international standards and performance requirements.

Product Description: Brass fire bell as per IS:928.