Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems can be designed to protect the kitchen appliances such as gas, stoves or deep fat fryers. Restaurant kitchens are considerably pre-disposed to fire hazards. Despite the constant eradication of flames, the huge number of functional gas, stoves can cause a fire to erupt. Such a situation in your restaurant would not only impact your business adversely but also harm your employees, resources and time.

We have intricately designed a commercial kitchen fire suppression system which can safeguard you against all such hazards. Kitchen hood firefighting systems are the perfect solution to simple, reliable protection for Kitchen. These are Pre-Engineered automatic fire detection & suppression systems for commercial kitchens.

  • Easy / Flexible installation.
  • Quick & Effective suppression.
  • Highly dependable: no electricity or moving parts.
  • Highly economical.

How does a kitchen hood fire suppression system work?

The flexible sensor tubing is easily installed directly inside the extractor hood - directly above cooking areas. When in service, the tubing is pressurized with dry nitrogen to 16 bar. The dynamics of pressurization make the tubing more reactive to heat. If a flame - up occures, the heat of the fire causes the pressurized sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot (approx. 175℃).

The sudden tube depressurization actuates the special pressure differential valve and instantly floods the cooking area with class F extinguishing agent. The fire is quickly suppressed just moments after it began minimizing damage and downtime.

The most distinctive quality of all the Supremex Automatic Fire Suppression System is that they are made with utmost precision. We test them multiple times through multiple challenging tests. After we are sure that they perform well in hazardous situations, we design and install them in your kitchens for your safety. That is why when using our products, you simply don’t need to worry about the quality.