Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are specially designed to protect a variety of kitchen appliances. Restaurant kitchens are considerably pre-disposed to fire hazards. Despite the constant eradication of flames, the huge number of functional gas stoves can cause a fire to erupt. Such a situation in your restaurant would not only impact your business adversely but also harm your employees, resources and time. At Supremex, we have intricately designed a kitchen fire suppression system which can safeguard you against all such hazards.

Product Efficiency :

We have designed our kitchen fire suppression system after a lot of research and experimentation. Thus, you can find the most rapid and effective system for fire suppression at Supremex.

The main features of our system which provide it with an unparalleled quality are:

kitchen Fire Suppression System
Kitchen Suppression System1
Commercial kitchen Fire Fire Suppression System
Kitche Suppression System2

  • The system automatically detects the presence of fire without the need of any human intervention.
  • Our system uses three methods to detect the presence of a fire – fusible links, linear pneumatic and linear fusible links. Such a system ensures the quickest and the most accurate fire detection.
  • As soon as detected, the system immediately begins the process of fire suppression to ensure minimum damage to life and resources.
  • We use a wet chemical for extinguishing the fire. Since this system is made specifically for kitchens, the chemical used is one with a low pH and doesn’t corrode stainless steel.
  • The system includes an extinguishing tank which is pressurised and pre-filled to ensure immediate action and optimum safety.

The most distinctive quality of all the Supremex fire suppression products is that they are made with utmost precision. We test them multiple times through multiple challenging tests. After we are sure that they perform well in hazardous situations, we install them in your kitchens for your safety. That is why when using our products, you simply don’t need to worry about the quality.


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