CO2 Flooding Systems

CO2 Flooding System is a one of the common fixed fire fighting system that is specifically designed for most of the ships. It is used in places like a boiler room, pump room, engine room, etc. They can be used in any sizeable but closed space under fire for extinguishing the fire quickly and robustly.

There is a high probability that a fire will occur in various ship rooms. Once erupted, it can rapidly spread to other parts of the ship causing severe damage to lives and resources. As a ship may be on a voyage during the fire, it may be extremely difficult to vacant the space of lives and resources and the only way out is extinguish the fire.

Our company provide engineering, designing, sale, installation, and supervising and maintenance services for CO2 Fire Extinguishing System. The most suitable gas for local use instantly for the places where the chemicals are used. CO₂ gaseous extinguishing systems decreases the oxygen concentration until fire cannot last. Carbon dioxide gas is uncoloured; scentless, and has no electric conductivity. It is ideal gas for extinguishing. On the other hand, because of strangulation effect, it can be harmful on human health.

CO2 Fixed Fire Fighting System

Use of CO2 Gas Flooding System

  • Switch rooms, control cabinets, panels, floor voids, electrical and electronic equipment rooms, engine test bays, ships engine and cargo hold.
  • Drying ovens, large electrical and electronic cabinets.
  • Paint spray booths, dip varnishing units, vapour exhaust systems.
  • Transformers, generators, turbines.
  • Flammable liquids and chemical products, foam materials.
  • Rolling mills, test stands, dust filters, silos, textile and printing machinery and stores, archives, objects d’art.