Inflatable Neoprene Booms

Inflatable booms are type of floating barrier designed to contain and control the spread of oil or other hazardous substances in a body of water. Inflatable boom is typically made of durable base materials like "different types of Synthetic Rubber/Polymeric Coated Fabrics based on assessment of end user requirements". We manufacture Neoprene Booms as well, which are the most robust ones in the range of containment booms.

These booms are designed to be easily transportable and deployable, making it possible to quickly respond to spill incidents and mitigate the damage caused to coastlines, shorelines, and sensitive ecosystem.

Inflatable Heavy Booms are tough, durable booms that used for rapid deployment. They are ideally used in the case of open seas and other heavy permanent installations.

  • Easy and fast deployment.
  • Boom is high visibility color.
  • Fabric: UV Resistant.
  • Material: PVC / PU Fabric.
  • Connectors: ASTM Z design with ASTM F962.
  • Design comply as per ASTM F1523.