Ocean Booms

A unique substrate compound of synthetic rubber is used in the construction of the Booms. The Booms is made of a unique synthetic rubber substrate with an external layer of a Hypalon (CSM) material. The boom material is homogeneous, one process construction that has been completely cross vulcanised with oil resistant rubber as well as reinforcing fabrics. This seamless, flexible structure has very good abrasion and peel resistance, as well as high tensile strength. It is resistant to sun, sea and oils and is suitable for both hot and cold climates.

It has been proven to have an extremely long operating/storage life. The booms are stable in currents up to 3 to 4 knots and can withstand gale force. The boom has excellent wave following characteristics. When deflated, the boom lies completely flat, making it easy to clean and store.

ocean Boom

Multiple point inflation method is easy to operate and easy to deploy. Incase of any chamber being damaged, only that chamber can be individually fixed without having to stop the use of the whole boom.

All fittings are made of stainless steel, ballast / tension chain is hot galvanized and vertical internal fiberglass rod secured with stainless steel brackets provide exceptional stability. This unique system makes it virtually impossible to be knocked over and provides a skirt profile that optimizes and maximizes oil retention.


The Universal Sliding Connectors for oil containment booms are designed to meet ASTM standards for durability and efficiency in containing oil spills. These connectors offer a versatile solution for connecting multiple sections of oil containment booms, allowing for seamless movement across various water surfaces.

The universal slide feature enables easy assembly and disassembly, making it a practical choice for emergency response teams and environmental cleanup crews. With their sturdy construction and compatibility with different boom types, these connectors provide a reliable method for preventing the spread of oil during spill incidents. Overall, the Universal Sliding Connectors offer a convenient and effective tool in maintaining the integrity of our waterways and protecting marine life from the harmful effects of oil pollution.

universal Boom


Anchoring is a crucial aspect of any oil containment boom system, as it ensures the booms remain in place and effectively contain spills. The anchoring system typically consists of heavy-duty anchors, chains, ropes, and buoys that work together to secure the booms in position. These anchors are strategically placed at intervals along the length of the boom to provide stability and prevent them from drifting or being pushed out of place by waves or currents. The chains connect the anchors to the booms, while ropes are used to adjust tension and maintain proper positioning. Buoys serve as markers for locating and monitoring the booms from a distance.

anchoring system


When it comes to towing oil containment booms, having a reliable towing bridle is essential. A towing bridle is a crucial piece of equipment that connects the boom to the vessel responsible for pulling it along. Made from durable materials such as high-strength synthetic fibers or steel cables, towing bridles are designed to withstand the forces exerted during towing operations. They typically feature sturdy shackles or hooks on either end for secure attachment to both the boom and the tow vessel. Properly sized and configured towing bridles help ensure that oil containment booms remain stable and effectively contain spills, even in rough seas or strong currents. Additionally, adjustable components allow operators to customize the length and angle of the tow line based on specific conditions, maximizing control and maneuverability while minimizing strain on both equipment and personnel. Overall, investing in a quality towing bridle is key to ensuring successful oil spill response efforts and protecting marine environments from contamination.

anchoring system


The Boom Storage Reel is designed for the safe and easy storage, deployment and retrieval of Oil containment Booms. The Reel frame is manufactured from A grade steel, and are provided with container corners. The boom reel is equipped with high torque Planetary Gear box which is driven by hydraulic motor. Hydraulic brakes are provided to stop the boom reel rotation. Controls consist of forward/neutral/reverse. To avoid jerk in the motion of the reel a counter balance valve is also provided in the unit.

anchoring system


The Power Pack is powered by an air-cooled diesel engine and serves as a high-capacity multipurpose power source designed for flexible operations of hydraulically operated oil spill response equipment. The hydraulic power pack can power multiple equipments simultaneously. The air cooled engine driven power packs are mostly used to drive the small hydraulically powered equipments. The power pack is a compact portable equipment built on a steel frame and it is so designed to ensure that a good air circulation is achieved within the unit.

For safety reasons, an Overspeed protection valve is provided at engine air intake and a spark arrestor is provided at the engine exhaust. As a standard design, the power pack comes one hydraulic circuit and can be customized based on the equipment being operated from the Hydraulic power pack.



Power pack is fitted with Spark Arrestor for added safety features. The function of spark arrestor is to catch glowing particles which are entrained in the exhaust gas current.

The spark arrestor is a part of the exhaust system and is mainly applied with diesel engine. The spark arrestor is a device intended to prevent combustible materials, usually sparks or other tiny flaming debris, from escaping into areas where they might cause explosion or start fires. The spark Arrestor will be PESO approved.




The Chalwyn range of Diesel safety shut down valve feature a small spring-loaded poppet valve designed to automatically stop an engine by closing down the air intake should excessive over speeding occur..

The closing force on the valve is provided by the intake air flow passing through. As the air flow increases, the closing force builds up. This is resisted by a spring, the pre-load of which is adjustable such that at a given air flow the resulting force overcomes the spring resistance and causes the valves to close. Once closed the valve will not reset to the open condition until the engine stops.


Hydraulic Hose set with Quick release connectors.

Rated Pressure: Max 250 bar at 100 ¡ÆC Temp.

MOC: Rubber, R2 grade.

Type of Hydraulic Hose: Flexible and oil resistant synthetic rubber, 2 high Tensile steel wire braids, abrasion and weather resistant.

spark system


The Air Blower System is used for inflating oil containments booms. The Air Blower is a portable unit fitted on a trolley mounted base with collapsible / fixed handles for ease of movement in operational area. It is driven with an air-cooled Diesel engine..

The system is provided with standard Air hose set and nozzles for inflation and deflation of oil containment booms. The blower is supplied with a protective canvas for storage.

Air Blower System


our leg webbing belt sling, capacity 8-ton x length 2 Meter with oblong assembly master link on ton of capacity 8 ton and webbing belt 50mm of capacity 2 ton with safety eye hook at bottom each leg. Lifting slings are essential tools used in various industries for securely hoisting and transporting heavy loads. Crafted from durable materials such as nylon, polyester, or wire rope, these slings are designed to withstand substantial weights while ensuring safety and reliability.

Flat webbing slings feature a flexible yet sturdy construction, with reinforced stitching for added strength. They offer excellent load distribution and are suitable for lifting fragile or delicate objects due to their soft surface. Lifting slings are equipped with reinforced eyes or end fittings, allowing for easy attachment to crane hooks, hoists, or other lifting equipment. Proper usage, inspection, and maintenance are crucial to ensure the safety and longevity of lifting slings, helping to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

anchoring system


A boom reel cover is an essential accessory designed to protect oil containment boom reels from environmental elements and damage during storage and transportation. Constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials such as heavy-duty vinyl or polyester fabric, these covers shield the reel and its components from UV exposure, moisture, debris, and abrasion.

Boom reel covers come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types and sizes of boom reels, ranging from small portable reels to large industrial-grade units used in offshore oil spill response operations. They are designed to withstand harsh marine environments and prolonged outdoor exposure, offering long-lasting protection for valuable equipment.

boom reel cover


Spare and repair kits for oil containment booms are essential resources for maintaining the effectiveness and longevity of oil spill response equipment. These kits are designed to provide quick and efficient solutions for repairing damage or replacing components of containment booms, ensuring they remain fully operational during emergency spill situations.

Comprising a range of essential items such as patching materials, repair sleeves, connectors, and buoyancy elements, these kits offer a comprehensive solution for addressing common issues encountered during boom deployment and use. They are carefully curated to include all the necessary tools and materials needed to perform on-the-spot repairs and replacements in the field, minimizing downtime and maximizing the effectiveness of oil spill response efforts.