Mobile Foam Trolley Unit

The Mobile Foam Trolley Units has been designed for the rapid one-man deployment. It is ideal for the protection of oil storage and loading terminals, paint or solvent stores, boiler rooms, ship's engine rooms and all similar high-risk areas.

The unit only required connections to a suitable pressurized water supply and is manufactured in high strength corrosion-resistant material such as FRP/SS or MS duly anticorrosive treated (inside).

Our Mobile Foam System is designed, with its large solid tyres, ensures easy manoeuvrability as well as proper mounting of the equipment (including Inductor, Foam branch and 2 lengths of 15 metre hoses). This means easy removal of Foam Branches and hoses for quick deployment. They are available in higher capacity models (up to 200 Litre capacity) in FRP/ SS304 and also in tailor-made versions to suit client requirements.

Mobile Foam Unit Specification

Construction : FRP / SS
Capacity: 100 to 300 LTR
Trolley: Made od MS duly painted / SS frame also available
Wheels: Rubber bounded trolley tyres 250/500 kgs rating each
Standard Fitting: a) Foam inductors as per desired capacity. b) Low expansion branch-pipe matched to above inductor. c) Foam stop valve. d) Filler cap. e) Alternative fittings: Ant type of foam branches.
Including: Low expansion and medium expansion with their matched inductors
Inductors: Aluminium / GM/ SS.
Foam branches: Aluminium.
Optional Fire: a) Storage space provided to accommodate 1 or 2 lengths of hose with coupling. b) 1 or 2 lengths of fire fighting hose as per desired. Specification supplied along with the unit.