Mobile Foam Trolley Units

Mobile Foam Trolley Unit (SE MFT 100) is an ideal solution for quick mobilisation and application of foam for tackling flammable liquid fires and spills, such as in Oil Depots, Petrochemical complexes, etc.

The sturdy FRP body has a capacity to hold 100 litres. of foam compound, which allows more than 7 minutes of continuous application using the SE FB 10X (450 lpm capacity) foam branch or almost 15 minutes using the SE FB 5X (225 lpm capacity) foam branch i.e. over 32000 ltrs. of finished foam.

Our Mobile Foam System is designed, with its large solid tyres, ensures easy manoeuvrability as well as proper mounting of the equipment (including Inductor, Foam branch and 2 lengths of 15 metre hoses). This means easy removal of Foam branch and hoses for quick deployment. They are available in higher capacity models (up to 200 Litres capacity) in FRP/ SS304 and also in tailor-made versions to suit client requirements.

Construction: Corrosion resistant FRP tank, M.S./SS304 Chassis frame, SS304 Hose Basket, Solid Polymer tyres.