Modular Type Fire Extinguisher

Modular Type Fire Extinguishers are based on Sprinkler technology. That's useful for unoccupied rooms or spaces, server room and safety protection in large storage areas. For round the clock protection, for unmanned areas. Doesn’t require cumbersome piping and easy to install. They are available in dry powder type and clean agent variants.

Modular Fire Extinguishers are fitted with an automatic sprinkler valve. That can be calibrated to discharge at an ambient temperature of 57 Deg C, 68 Deg C, 79 Deg C. They don’t depend on an external source of energy and can be operated electrically or mechanically for their operation.

Automatic Fire Extinguisher is used for large storage areas, warehouses or industries are not always under human surveillance. If a fire breaks out in such places, immediate human action to combat them cannot be possible. However, such fires cause a lot of resource damage and sometimes even damage life. Being your protectors against all such fire hazards, we have come up with the Modular type fire extinguishers. They are designed with top-notch quality which ensures automatic fire detection.

  • An automatic fire detection and suppression system unlike any other system available in the market.
  • Deep drawn steel cylinders.
  • Durable high glossy polyester powder coating.
  • Available in individual or as a complete system
  • Automatic round the clock protection.
  • Easy to install and available in dry powder and clean agent variants.
  • Automatic, hence no human involvement, reducing the chances of injury or accidents to virtually zero.

Features of Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Thus, with an intricate design and smart functionality, Supremex Automatic Fire Extinguishers are ideal for all places where there are high chances of fire erupted but low human surveillance. No matter what the situation is, you can depend on the these fire extinguishers.