Total Flooding Systems

Total Flooding Systems are useful for fixed nozzle agent distribution network of the system that's ideal for fire protection solution. These systems are designed for advances fire protection and suppression.

Total flooding system is ideal for combating critical fires in areas with multiple electrical-charged devices such server rooms.

Due to the elaborate number of appliances in such places, there are very high chances of a fire erupting here. We also provide superior quality FM200, Electrical panel, CO2 and Inert gas flooding system.

Flooding System

FM200 Fire Suppression System

FM200 Fire Suppression System

FM200 Fire System are works with a specialised mechanism which is useful for countering the class A, class B, class C and electric fires..

CO2 Flooding System

CO2 Flooding Room

CO2 Flooding System, a lot of cylinders containing abundant amounts of CO2 are used..

Gas Flooding System

Inert Gas System

Inert Gas systems are the best choice for our customers as well the environment..