Inline Foam Inductors

Inline Foam Inductors provide means for accurate induction of Foam compound into the Water stream for operation of Foam branches and equipment. These Inductors are matched to SE Foam Equipment. Available in Aluminium and G.M. options.

Inline Inductors are designed for 3% or 6% induction, the inductors are available with nominal foam solution capacity of 225 and 450 lpm, as well as tailor-made to client requirements. Variable options also available. Get quote for best minimum price. For more information call us on 022 - 45400999.

Construction: Aluminium Body and supports (G.M. for G.M. version) 2.5" Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet and Female Outlet. 1 Mtr. long PVC braided Pick-up tube SS 304 Dip Pipe.

Technical Data

Nominal flow (Ipm)* 225 450
Recommended operating pressure (Bars) 5-10. 5-10
Length (MM) 435 435
Approx. Wt. Aluminium Brass. 5.4 - 5.4 9.0
*-at 7 kg/cm2 pressure at inductor inlet: