Water and Foam Monitors

Water and Foam Monitors
Portable ground monitor

Technical Specification

Portable Ground Monitor
Construction Aluminium / Gunmetal / S.S
Size 1/2" to 2/2"
Inlet single/double/triple
Outlet Instantaneous/Threaded/Flange Type.(Asrequired)
Mounting Easily mounted on 4 detachable legs in 1 1/2" size
Operating Pressure Maximum 12 kgf/cm2
Weight 16 kgs(in aluminium Construction)
Performance Of size 1 1/2"
Horizontal throw More than 25mtrs at 7 kgf/cm2 (in single inlet)
Vertical throw More than 18 mtrs at 7 kgf/cm2 (in single inlet) (Monitor suitable to work with any type of Nozzles)

Water Cum Foam Monitor Mounted On Trolley Trailer

These storage tank trailers of 500-1000 ltr. capacity tank come with the choice of only foam barrel or water cum foam monitors (dual barrel). These fire fighting accessories are available for high pressure water/foam application for long range requirement in certain areas. They are ideal for places where fixed hydrant system is far from the area where chances of fire occurrences are high or where there is not enough space available to run foam tender.

Water Cum Foam Monitor Mounted On Trolley Trailer
Specification Indigeneously designed as per customers specification constructed in M.S.or as per design.
Tank Fully welded tank with internally Coats of epoxy paints coated to suit any type of foam in order to avoid corrossion & externally painted with 2 coats of redoxide Primer & 2 coats of synthetic enamel red paint (Also available in S.S.Construction)
Trailer * Chasis welded rolled steel channel Construction, equipped with 2/4 tyres of 600-16 tyres with tubes & with a front castor wheel & 4 jacks for resisting jet reaction force during fire fighting application
Trolley Frame made of channel equipped with 2/4 trolley wheels of 10"/12" dia size with a front castor wheel & four stoppers for resisting jet reaction force during fire fighting application.
Lighting * Reflective lights & break lights provided with wire mesh protection guards over glasses (only in trailer Models)

Mini Trolley

This trolley / trailer mounted monitor model gives excellent mobility & stability allowing deployment on industrial & petrochemical sites. They are ideal for the places where larger trailers cannot be used. These can be operated single-handedly as well.

Mini Trolley
Monitor Any standpost type monitor of size 63mm to 150mm can be fixed upon this Trolley/Trailer
Nozzle Any type of nozzle can be fixed up with the monitor & same can be used for fire fighting purpose.
Tyres Scooter tyres Or Trolley tyres
No.of inlets 2 to 4 nos. with built in spring loaded check valve inside male instantaneous coupling provided.
Recommendation Use long range aqua foam type nozzles with monitor for long range application.
Optional Accessories a) Dual racks for storing hoses b) Locker for nozzles c) Foam tank up to 200 ltrs.