Water and Foam Monitor

Supremex Offers you a complete choice of products which include foam monitor, water cum foam monitor, water foam monitor and mini trolley / trailer mounted monitor.

Water Cum Foam Monitor Mounted on Trolley Trailer

These storage tank trailers of 500-1000 ltr. capacity tank come with the choice of only foam barrel or water cum foam monitors (dual barrel). These fire fighting accessories are available for high pressure water/foam application for long range requirement in certain areas. They are ideal for places where fixed hydrant system is far from the area where chances of fire occurrences are high or where there is not enough space available to run foam tender.

Water Cum Foam Monitor

Mini Trolley

This trolley / trailer mounted monitor model gives excellent mobility & stability allowing deployment on industrial & petrochemical sites. They are ideal for the places where larger trailers cannot be used. These can be operated single-handedly as well.

Mini Trolley