Smart Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Smart Clean agent fire suppression system is a advanced fire protection system used to safe, clean, and environmentally friendly. Understanding the evolving demands of unique infrastructures and businesses. The next generation of specialized fire suppression technology.

Supremex smart fire suppression system doesn’t demand any structural change neither consumes the floor space nor leads to downtime, as this innovative system is mounted on the ceiling of the space. Smart and sensitive features are used to minimize the risk of false activation and protect the premises.

The system is a smart network that automates agent containers, detection devices, and a control panel. The HFC-227ea clean agent is suitable for use on Class B, C, and electrically started fires. Fluoroketone (FK) and MAP 90 powder are two options available.

Gas Based Suppression System application include Electrical control room, BMS control room, Site control rom, Server room for small office, Server racks, Battery room, Mobile room, etc. Powder Based Suppression System: Warehouse, Chemical storage area and Energy center.


  • Unlike the convectional gaseous suppression system, the retrofittable ceiling mounted suppression system can be installed anywhere without requiring any structural changes.
  • It has an unobtrusive design that can for into any premises.
    • It is an ideal choice for already established sites where it is impractical to set up suppression systems.
    • Cost-effective, flexible and uncomplicated solution. The system of this ceiling mounted unit is tamper proof.
  • No need for any structural changes in the premises to accommodate system requirements such as piping, ducting, cylinder storage area, etc.
  • Being a ceiling mounted unit, it does not occupy any floor space, making it an ideal choice for space-constrained premises.