Medium Expansion Foam Branches

SE Medium Expansion Foam Branches produce stable, superior quality medium expansion foam which is suitable for quick coverage of spills, tackling spill fires, fires in tank dikes, drains, etc. as a fire fighting equipment. Medium expansion foam ratio typically ranges from 20:1 to 200:1.

Medium Expansion Foam Making Generator are suitable for use with standard AFFF, FFFP and high expansion Foam compounds. Available with nominal foam solution capacity of 225 (MX 225) and 450 lpm (MX 450), SE MX Branch is matched to SE Inline Inductors of above mentioned capacities.

Construction: SS 304 shell with G.M. nozzle. 2.5” Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet. If you are interested in our Medium Expansion Foam, please call us on (022) 4540 0999.

Medium Expansion Foam Making Branches

Medium Expansion Foam Specification

Material SS 304
Inlet NB Flange Inlet
Foam Expansion 1:35 TO 40
Reference Standard Mfg Standard