Fire Suppression Systems

Localized Area Fire Suppression System

Localized Area Fire Suppression System is also known as Tubing System. Fire Research over the years has shown that most fires are electrical.

They often start with a spark in the electrical main, In the wiring of the server, In a gen set or deep with in the engine of automobile or industrial machinery.

Studies show that a number of explosive fires can erupt from the general electrical panels present in practically every residential or commercial.

Regardless of the size of the electric panels, severe fire hazards can take place in them causing a lot of life and resource damage. Since we believe in safeguarding you from fire hazards from all fronts, we also provide fire suppression system for electrical panels.

At Supremex, your convenience and safety are our prime goals. To fulfil them, we design extremely proficient fire suppression systems for your electric panels which come ready for installation in your work unit.

Electrical Cabinet Panel

Electrical Panel Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression are designed to be rapid in fire detection and effective in suppression. These uses a proprietary continuous linear sensor tube.

Fume Hood Cabinet

Fume Hood Cabinet Fire Suppression System

Fume Hood Fire Suppression System are ideal way of protecting chemical laboratories from fire explosions..

Kitchen Suppression System

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Restaurant kitchens are considerably pre-disposed to fire hazards. Despite the constant eradication of flames..