Fire Detection & Protection Systems

What is fire protection system?

Our Fire Detection Systems are designed to be rapid in fire detection and effective in suppression. These are automatic fire detection system is designed to detect fire by tracking environmental changes related to combustion. Fire protection system is a fire suppression, smoke detector and a sprinkler, and other fire protection equipment that works in tandem to protect against fire.

The heart of the system is Linear Heat Sensitive pneumatic polymer tubing. It is connected at one end to a extinguishing agent container, which rest runs through the risk area, in a predetermined manner. When the flame touches the tubing and it reaches a temperature of 90-100 Deg C the tubing bursts at hot test point, thus forming a nozzle.

The pneumatic mechanism then triggers the the extinguisher valve and sprays the agent out directly into the fire. Thus dousing the Fire quicker than any other technique on the market. This system is fully automatic, and once installed, requires no human help. Thus making it the method of choice for “localized environments”, or areas that are cordoned off or have an enclosed area (such as panels, servers, etc.).

  • The detection tube both detects and delivers the discharge via the burst hole.
  • Fire extinguishing agent container.
  • Ideal for small and difficult to access enclosures.
  • Easy to install and detection tube serves only to detect.

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Pre Engineered Fire Protection System

electrical panel system
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Control boxes
  • Recharging stations
  • Switch panels
  • Relay stations
Machinery panel system
  • CNC Machines
  • Construction Machinery
  • Agriculture Machines
  • Construction equipment
  • Forklifts
kitchen suppression systems
Cooking Areas
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food trucks
  • Grease-based fires
Vehicle fire suppression

Engine Fire Suppression System

  • Buses and trucks
  • Train & Trams
  • Paint & Chemical storage
hood fire suppression
Oil, Chemical & Open Flame
  • Fume Cabinets
  • University laboratories
  • Paint & Chemical storage
  • Petroleum storage tanks
  • Hydraulic circuits