Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Skids

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Skids are designed and constructed for one-person operation and pre-pressurized ready for immediate discharge. Dry Chemical Skid Units incorporated a large capacity extinguisher cylinder and nitrogen back-up supply ready for instant actuation and maintain constant pressure during the discharge cycle.

Use of Dry Chemical Skid

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression systems are types of fire protection system that use of dry chemical powder to extinguish Fire. Dry Chemical Skids provide large capacity fire fighting capabilities for the extinguishment for class B and C hazards. Get a quote for the best minimum price. For more information about Dry Chemical Skid, Please call us on (022) 45400999.

The common high hazard risk areas include:

  • LNG transport vessels and facilities.
  • Cargo areas and loading stations.
  • Oil and gas production facilities.
  • Aircraft rescue and hanger facilities.
  • Fuel storage locations.
  • Marine port operations.
  • Floating production storage units.
  • Chemical, textile, plastics manufacturing.
  • Paint and solvent areas and transformers.