Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Skids

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Skids are designed and constructed for one-person operation and pre-pressurized ready for immediate discharge. Dry Chemical Skid Units incorporated a large capacity extinguisher cylinder and nitrogen back-up supply ready for instant actuation and maintain constant pressure during the discharge cycle.

Useful for:

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Sysstems provide large capacity firefighting capabilities for extinguishment for Class B and C hazards. The common high hazard risk areas include:

  • LNG transport vessels and facilities.
  • Cargo areas and loading stations.
  • Oil and gas production facilities.
  • Aircraft rescue and hanger facilities.
  • Fuel storage locations.
  • Marine port operations.
  • Floating production storage units.
  • Chemical, Textile, plastics manufacturing.
  • Paint and solvent areas and Transformers.