Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems are types of fire protection systems that use of dry chemical powder to extinguish Fire. DCP Skid System is designed and constructed for one-person operation and pre-pressurized ready for immediate discharge. Dry Chemical Skid Units incorporated a large capacity extinguisher cylinder and nitrogen back-up supply ready for instant actuation & maintain constant pressure during the discharge cycle.

DCP Fire Suppression System Use?

Sodium bicarbonate and mono-ammonium phosphate are two of the most common powders used in dry chemical fire extinguishing systems. Sodium bicarbonate is used in Class B and C fires. Monoammonium phosphate used for ABC Fires. We can provide potassium bicarbonate as well as Monnex for class B fires. Dry Chemical Powder System provide large capacity fire fighting capabilities for the extinguishing agents for class B and C hazards.

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  • Easy to design and flexible installation parameters.
  • safe and reliable fire protection.
  • Agent capacity of 100 to 4000 Kg available.
  • Available in Skid Versions.


  • LNG transport vessels and facilities.
  • Cargo areas and loading stations.
  • Oil and gas production facilities.
  • Aircraft rescue and hanger facilities.
  • Fuel storage locations and marine port operations.
  • Floating production storage units.
  • Chemical, textile and plastics manufacturing.
  • Paint and solvent areas and transformers.
Dry Chemical Fire Supression System

DCP Skid Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Capacity: 100 Kg 150 Kg
Discharge Range (MTR.) 18 TO 24 18 TO 24
Working Pressure 15 Bar 15 Bar
Test Pressure 35 Bar 35 Bar
Burst Pressure: 50 Bar 50 Bar
Operating Temp (℃) -30 ℃ to +55 ℃ -30 ℃ to +55 ℃
Hose Length each reel (MTR) 30 30
Number of Hose reels 1 1
Hose Dia. (IN) 1 1
Maxflow rate (Kg./SEC.) per reel 6.35029 6.35029
Nitrogen cylinder 1 1
Pressure relief Yes Yes
Fill opening 4” Vented cap with O Ring 4” Vented cap with O Ring
Vessel Material Carbon steel Carbon steel
Vessel thickness (MM) 6 6
System hoses Braided PVC Braided PVC
Fittings Brass Brass
Paint Finish PO Red PO Red