What We Do

Fire fighting equipments include a variety of tools that are designed to effectively and safely fight fires. We are a solution provider of Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems. Supremex Equipments manufacture, supply, integrate, design, install and commission the below products and solutions:

  1. Fire Extinguishers (ABC Type, DCP Type, CO2 Type, Clean Agent Type, Foam Type, Automatic Type, Water Type, Kitchen Type and Trolley Mounted Type).
  2. Fire Fighting Equipments (Hose Reels, Hose Boxes, Standpipes, Posts, Monitors, etc).
  3. Fire Suppression System.
  4. Localized Area Fire Suppression Systems (Panels, Kitchens, Fume hoods and Vehicles).
  5. Passive Fire Protection Products and Systems.
  6. Fire Alarm & Detection Systems.
  7. Spill Control Systems.
Fire Extinguisher
Hose Reels
Co2 Floading System
kitchen fire suppression system
Fire Hydrant system
Fire suppression System
Hydrant accessories
Fire Hydrant Accessories