Low Expansion Foam Generator

Low expansion foam Generator combine superior throw with the ability to produce good quality, cohesive foams. Available with nominal foam solution capacity of foam making branch FB 5X (225 LPM) and FB 10X (450 LPM) at 7 bars pressure. It Is recommended to use foam branches with matching Inline Inductors only.

Low expansion jet/ spray type foam branches give the operator the option of protecting foam in the form of a jet (to tackle fires from a distance) or spray (for quick coverage of spills, etc.).

Low Expansion Foam Branch Pipe is ideal for use with AFFF in aircraft crash situations and area where flammable liquid spill occurrences are likely. Available with nominal foam solution capacity of 450LPM (FB 10X JS) at 7 bar pressure.

Foam Making Branch Pipe Specification

Construction: Aluminium & SS 304 versions available. 2.5” Instantaneous G.M. Male Inlet.

Model Nominal Flow(LPM)* Range(Mtr)* Expansion** Length mm Approx. Wt
FB 5X J225 20 1 : 10 770 3.5 5.0
FB 10X 450 25 1 : 10 915 5.2 6.0