FM200 Fire Suppression Systems

FM200 Fire Suppression System is known as HFC227ea. FM-200 system is designed, installed and maintained according to NFPA 2001 (Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems). As a part of our ensemble range of fire protection systems. We also provide superior quality FM200 Fire System. These fire suppression system is ideal for combating critical fires in areas with multiple electrically-charged devices such server rooms.

Due to the elaborate number of appliances in such places, there are very high chances of a fire erupting here. In order to ensure that you stay protected even in such critical situations, we have come up with the FM-200 Fire Suppression System. It is a staunch fire suppression system which provides immediate action in the most critical of the situations.

With a unique design and superior quality materials, this FM200 System works with a specialised mechanism which is useful for countering the class A, class B , class C and electric fires.

The extinguishing agent used in this fire suppression system is HFC-227ea. The speciality of this agent is that it is extremely rapid and effective. Once discharged, HFC-227ea systems reach extinguishing levels begins combating the fire in a matter of less than 10 seconds. To ensure that the fire is extinguished completely, this agent targets it at the molecular level. Thus, there is no scope of mistake left with our FM200 Fire Suppression System.

Additionally, this system by Supremex works on self-automation. FM-200 fire system comes with efficient sensors which quickly detect the presence of any type of a fire. As soon as a fire is detected, the information is sent to the control panel which in turn begins the process of extinguishing the fire.

If required in some special cases, the system can be started manually as well . Thus, no matter what the situation is, our system can work quickly and effectively to save the lives and resources at your work station.

FM-200 Fire Suppression System