FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems

What is FM-200 Fire Suppression System

FM-200 fire suppression is known as HFC227ea. FM 200 fire suppression system designed, installed and maintained according to NFPA 2001 (Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System). SE-200 utilizes halocarbon gas Heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea) in NFPA 2001 and ISO:14520-1. The general requirements and design criteria are based on both NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520-1.

The SR-200 is employed as a Total Flooding System and cannot be used in the local application system. SR-200 suppresses fire by absorbing heat energy at the molecular level faster than they can be generated, so they can't sustain itself.

The extinguishing agent used in this Fire Suppression System is HFC-227ea. The speciality of this agent that itis extremely rapid and effective. Once discharged, HFC-227ea extinguishes it quickly by discharging in just 10±1 seconds or lesser. SE-200 fire suppression system effectively removes heat and breaks up the fire at molecular level.

FM200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

HFC-227ea is a gaseous halocarbon agent containing no particles; HFC-227ea is a gaseous halocarbon agent containing no particles; it leaves no oily residue on the electronic equipment and can be removed and can be removed from the protected space by ventilation. This is the first environmentally acceptable replacement for halon 1301.

The present understanding of the functioning of HFC-227ea is that 80% of its firefighting effectiveness is achieved through heat absorption and 20% through direct chemical means. HFC-227ea is stored as a liquefied compressed gas super pres-surized with dry nitrogen to 25BAR and discharged to the protected area as a vapor.

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Fire Suppression System - SE-200 HFC-227ea

The quest for a replacement resulted in the introduction of HFC-227ea to the market-place. it has been designated as a replacement for CFC propellants in pharmaceutical metered dose inhalers in asthma medications. Known as the HFC-227ea, the world's most widely accepted halon 1301 replacement, is considered people-friendly and takes up less floor space than other systems. The U.s Environmental protection Agency named it a non-ozone depleting agent for fire extinguishing systems installed in occupied place.

Since this FM200 Fire Suppression System comes from the house of Supremex, you can stay totally tension-free. As known by our clients. We take a lot of time and detailing while designing each of our products to maximise the products efficiency. Secondly, once designed, we pass these fire suppression systems through extensive testing to make sure that they would work optimally in a critical situation. Only after a system is perfected through all these processes do we send them your way. Thus, you can be sure that the FM-200 system would protect your work unit with utmost precision.