Portable Fire Monitors

The SE `Assault' Portable Fire Monitor is an ideal fire equipment solution for areas where far-reaching streams are required but fixed monitors are not available. It's compact size and detachable mechanism ensures that it can be easily carried on Fire Trucks (or even smaller vehicles) and quickly assembled and deployed at the emergency scene. On being fed with two 63mm Hoses, the monitor provides an effective far reaching stream.

It is ideal for use with water and foam solution and once set, can be left unattended without hassles. The Monitor can be fitted with a choice of different SE nozzles for different applications (and having different flows).

Available in SS304 and Aluminium Options, the standard 'Assault' Portable Monitor is fed with 2 Nos. 63mm Inlets (optionally a single 100mm Inlet can be provided, which can give a flow of up to 4700 lpm). Manually operated horizontal swivel joint and SS 304 gear operated vertical swivel joint ensure smooth manoeuvrability and operation, even when under pressure. They are provided with an auto drain facility to ensure complete draining after the operation.

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  • Compact Size.
  • Exceptional Performance.
  • Easy and Conventional Detachable Mechanism.
Portable Fire Monitors

Item Description:  Portable Ground Monitor having 2 nos. 63mm Male Inst. Inlet with NRV having Geared Bearings with a detachable base; capable of being carried by a person with balancing steel legs & Master Stream Water Nozzle made of Aluminium Alloy.

Body: S.S. 304/ Aluminium
Swivel Joints: Aluminium (anodized)
Gear shaft: SS 304
Finish: Fire Red Painted (2 coats)
Inlet: 2Nos. 63mm Instantaneous Male Inlet (alternatively 100mm Male Inlet)
Outlet: Threaded (BSP)

Remote Controlled Monitor
Remote Controlled Monitor