Fire Hook

Fire Hook are long metal-topped wood, aluminum, or fiberglass poles used for reaching, holding, or pulling and and similar operations during fire fighting. They are variously used in construction, logging, rescue and recovery, power line maintenance, and firefighting.

In construction hooks are used to lift the sides of timber framed structures, as in barn raising and utility poles. In log driving they are called rafters' hooks and are used to maneuver floating logs. They are also used for rescue work to grab people or objects floating in high and rough waters

Useful for:

It is used as a probe or prying tool to get around doors, windows, and other openings. It can also be used to quickly tear through walls and other obstacles, and for tasks such as cutting into ceilings and floors, tearing into ventilation systems, and so forth. Fireman Hook available at best Price in India

Fireman Hook


Product Description: Fire Hook with Bamboo as per IS:927.
Material of Construction: Bamboo pole, Carbon steel hardened pike/ blade, chrome plated.
Length: 3.2 metres.