Blood Spill Kit in Hospital

Hospital Spill kits are specifically designed for healthcare industry. Spill Management in hospital subjected to hazardous substances like bloods, urine or vomit, bodily fluids, or other chemical spills.

If none of the available spill kits suits your requirements completely, we can also design a customized kit for you. Our healthcare spill kits are made by our experts specializing in the area. After thoroughly examining your work unit and understanding your requirements.

Spill kits are made for specifically to cater to various industries like Biohazard Spill Kit or Blood Spill Kit, Mercury Spill Kits, Body Fluid Spill Kit.

Blood Spill Kit

Blood spill kit
  • Item Code: PSSPSKBIO
  • Description: Blood Spill Management Kit .
  • Contents Chemical Absorbent Pads, 40cm x 50cm ( 16” x 20”).
  • Chemical Absorbent Socks, 8cm x 1.2m ( 3” x 4”).
  • Disposable Bags, Ties, Clip Top Bag and Nitrile Gloves.
  • Chemical Splash Goggles and Biohazard Granular Powder (250 gms).
  • Disposable Apron, Instruction Sheet.
  • Absorbency: 3, 5, 10 Litres

Mercury Spill Kit

Mercury spill Kit
  • Item Code: PSSPSKMERC
  • Description: Mercury Spill Kit.
  • Contents: Chemical Absorbent Pads, 40cm x 50cm ( 16” x 20”).
  • 500 grams Mercury neutrilizer.
  • Chemical Resistant gloves.
  • Dust mask, Booties, Syringe.
  • Waste collection bag.
  • Bucket / pail.
  • Absorbency: 3, 5,10 Litres