Trolley Mounted Water Mist Cum CAF Extinguisher

Trolley Mounted Water mist Cum CAFS Fire Extinguisher is the combinations of the highly sophisticated nozzle and the trolley supply system having a capacity of 50 Ltr.

Supremex water mist trolley systems are ideal fire fighting solutions for warehouses, workshops and construction sites where flammable material is stored or processed. If you are interested in our trolley mounted water mist fire extinguisher, please call us at (022) 4540 0999.

Advantages Of Watermist Cum CAFS

  • Safety and great choice for the medium size of fires.
  • It has a 10-years product life expectancy and therefore 10-year warranty.
  • Highly sophisticated nozzle & trolley.
  • Available with optional use of a special gun for electrical fire.
  • High sturdiness.
Trolley Mounted water Extinguisher