Solid Flotation Booms

Solid Flotation Booms can be used in a variety of water conditions, including open waters, lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. Unlike inflatable booms that rely on air chambers for buoyancy, solid flotation booms use foam-filled floats, which are generally made from materials like closed-cell polyethylene foam.

The purpose of a solid flotation boom is similar to other containment booms, which is to control and prevent the spread of oil and other pollutants in water bodies during oil spill incidents or other hazardous substance releases.

The foam-filled floats provide buoyancy to keep the boom afloat on the water's surface and maintain its shape, creating a barrier that can effectively corral and contain the spilled oil.

  • Increased Stability.
  • Rapid and Quick Deployment.
  • Rivers, and other calm waters are available.
  • Low maintenance than inflatable booms.
Solid Flotation Boom