Silt & turbidity Curtains

Silt curtains also known as a turbidity curtains or silt barriers, is a specialized Floating Barriers used in construction and dredging projects to control sediment, silt runoff and other debris in water bodies.

Sediment Control: Silt curtains are primarily used to control sediment runoff from construction sites, dredging operations, or any activity that disturbs the seabed or riverbed.

Environmental Protection: The use of silt curtains helps protect aquatic ecosystems by preventing sediment from smothering aquatic plants, suffocating bottom-dwelling organisms, and degrading water quality.

  • Installation: Silt curtains are typically installed as a floating barrier, creating a vertical barrier from the water surface to the bottom of the water body.
  • Material and Design: Silt curtains are constructed from durable materials designed to withstand exposure to water and various environmental conditions.
Silt Curtain