Permanent Oil Booms

Permanent booms are refer to a type of oil spill boom or Floating Barrier that is intended to be installed and remain in place for an extended period, rather than being deployed temporarily for specific response efforts like traditional inflatable booms used during oil spills. Permanent booms are typically used for ongoing containment or control of pollution in certain areas.

Permanent booms are used to protect sensitive areas or habitats from pollution, oil spills, or other hazardous substances. The purpose of a permanent boom is to create a fixed barrier in water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, or marinas, to prevent the spread of pollutants, debris, or floating objects.

Permanent booms are typically made from durable materials that can with stand prolonged exposure to water and environmental condition.

  • Pollution Control: They act as a line of defense against potential pollution sources.
  • Trash and Debris Control: High levels of floating debris, a permanent boom can be installed to capture.
  • Containment of floating objects.
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