Fire Extinguisher Box

Fire Extinguisher Box is used to store Fire Extinguisher and provide the best protection from the environmental damage. Fire Box & Fire Hose Boxes or Hose pipes are essential life saving equipment. They need not only to be maintained properly, but also stored in such a way, so as to ensure they are always in good working condition and protected from the adverse effects that environment conditions like water, chemical, heat and laden atmosphere.

The storage cabinet is chemical resistance, UV ray resistant, waterproof and high durability, so no maintenance required.

Fire hose cabinets are lightweight and waterproof storage cabinet made of polyethylene meets this requirement. These storage cabinets are self-colored, fitted with SS or brass hinges. This can help reduce the risk of office fires.

Use of Fire Hose Box

  • Dry Chemical type FE up to 10Kg.
  • Water CO2 type FE for 9Ltrs.
  • Mechanical Foam type FE for 9Ltr.
  • CO2 type FE up to 4.5Kg.
  • Petro-chemical & chemical industries.
  • Offshore platforms & oil wells.
  • Defense & atomic energy establishment.
  • Ship, Ship-yard, ports & airports.
  • Fertilizer, refineries, steel and power generation plants.
  • Modern Offices.