Fire Ball Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishing balls are simplest and fastest way to extinguish fire. Fire Ball Extinguishers are round-shaped fire extinguisher that will self-activate within 3 seconds of fire exposure. It effectively disperse-extinguishing chemicals.

How to Fire Extinguisher Ball Works?

When a fire occurs, take the nearest fire ball and simply throw it into the base of the fire. The ball once into the base of flames where most needed, will active into the flames 3 seconds. When it comes into contact with the fire and give a loud noise like a fire alarm.

Portable Fire Protection System

  • Multi-functional fire protection: The fire ball is an environment free, nontoxic dry chemical powder fire extinguisher that works on five classes of fire and ideal for any application that requires detection and suppression.
  • Automatic detection and suppression: This self-activating device will automatically burst within 3 seconds.
  • Maintenance Details: Even after the guarantee period, the fire ball requires no servicing and maintenance.