Bonpet liquid Fire Extinguishers

Bonpet Fire Extinguisher - Bonpet liquid is known for its great effect on fire extinguishing with very small liquid and its unique property, which takes away the energy of the fire, and lowers the temperature in the area.

Today, after fourteen years of operating not only domestically, but also in foreign markets, Bonpet courageously “lives” in many homes and companies. Slowly , but persistently, piece by piece, we are building the mosaic of success.

Bonpet liquid is a water solution of inorganic salts and organic compounds. The contact of a water solution and a fire causes, that the energy from a fire is used to heat and evaporate water and for endothermic decomposition of chemicals added in fire extinguisher.

Benefit of Bonpet Extinguisher

Bonpet liquid prevents the fire to re-ignite Non-decomposed components of Bonpet liquid that remain on the surface after the fire has been extinguished, have the ability to disintegrate and cool the surface, if there is a slight increase of temperature.

Principle of Operation:

Endothermic reaction and the release of gases, suppressing fire on its surface. The components of Bonpet liquid cause a fast transport of the heat on a chemical part, using water when they get in contact with hot surfaces. Wet chemicals decompose into gasses (CO2, N2) which suffocate fire directly on a burning surface, by preventing fire to get to the oxygen. The gases suffocate fire directly on a burning surface (intensive cooling and approximately 60-times bigger volume comparing to the size of a drop) due to this relatively small amount of chemicals is required to effectively put out a fire.