Types of Fire Extinguishers

Supremex manufactures of all types of Fire Extinguishers such as ABC Powder, BC Powder, CO2 type, Clean Agent, Modular type, Wet Chemical type, Water and Foam based fire extinguisher.

ABC Powder Fire Extingushers

Abc Powder Fire Extinguishers

Our ABC Powder Based Fire Extinguisher is made to suit the diverse requirements of our clients..

BC Stored Pressure And Cartridge Type

BC Powder Fire Extinguishers

BC Powder Fire Extinguishers utilize a specially siliconized Sodium Bicarbonate..

Mechanical Foam Type

Mechanical Foam Type

Foam Based Extinguishers useful for flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, paints, solvents and fats like grease and oils..

Water Foam Type

Water Foam Type

Water Type Fire Extinguishers available in both Stored Pressure and Cartridge Type..

CO2 Type

CO2 Based Fire Extinguishers

Supremex’s CO2 Bsed Fire Extinguishers range is most effective against Class B and C Fires..

Clean Agent fire extinguisher

Clean agent based fire extinguishers off the superior performance and reliability you expect from quality products..

Modular Type

These are the Automatic Fire Extinguishers from Supremex. Large storage areas, warehouses or industries..

wet chemical type Fire Extinguishers

Kitchen fires can be critical, causing severe damage to life, resources as well as time..